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We WON Something!!!

After three years of working on our products, display, and demonstrations, we got an award at the Bob Evans Farm Festival! They loved the feel and flow of our booth and (of course) our outfits! Winners are chosen by a panel of four judges who grade on the decorations of a booth, product quality, how you demonstrate the making of your products, and how well you fit in with the Bob Evans Farm Festival theme. Winners are featured in the farm festival guides and given special notice in the listings. We were awarded an honorable mention this year, and will be trying to place in the top three next year!

Though it isn't shown in the pictures, on the first day we wore clothing to look like 19th century farm women, and we were sewing various projects throughout the day. We decorated the back wall of our booth to look like a living room wall with farmhouse themed "pictures" using our signature flowers and actual dolls as the images! We also featured our new "Fleecie Friends" dolls, made to fit Bitty Baby Clothes (only available from us at the Bob Evans Farm Festival).

On Saturday morning a crew showed up with a camera man, photographers, and the farmstead owner to congratulate us and give us our award. It was a little overwhelming, but we are incredibly honored and overjoyed to have been chosen, and we hope you will visit our award-winning booth next year!

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